Sharing is Giving Away Free Books On Halloween!

As I was traipsing about the internet I happened across Patricia Lynne’s fabulous Halloween Trick-O-Treat blog hop.  I stopped to peruse it a bit more and realized that Patricia was on to something totally FABOO.  She’s combining a bit of the giving of the end of the year holidays with the mad fun of Halloween.  Patricia is offering all who stop by and comment on her blog a free book of hers as a treat instead of a trick on October 31st.

Halloween Fun

While I’m a tad bit old to celebrate Halloween in the costume, dress-up in clothes too tight/skimpy for comfort, I figured this type of Halloweening was definitely doable!  On Patricia’s blog she writes, and I quote — EBOOKS ARE THE CANDY!  As one of my colleagues likes to say, You like it, I love it!  And I do love this idea!

So, since my book Fury From Hell is very appropriately themed for this holiday (it’s opening scene takes place on Halloween Eve — yes, seriously!), I feel it is my absolute duty to join Patricia blog hop and offer a PDF copy of Fury From Hell to all who stop by and comment on my blog on Friday, October 31st, 2014 otherwise known as Halloween!

It is my sincere hope that people who have been treated and like their treat [my book! :-)] will give me a treat and write a review of Fury From Hell.  Or, at the very least, tell their friends about it.  After all, sharing is caring even on Halloween!

Ahem…so, maybe this wasn’t exactly on theme but you get the general idea of what I’m trying to say.

Okay, so are we ready for Halloween and getting our treats on?!  Great! see you at the blog hop and happy commenting & reading your ghostly spectacular treat-reads.

Read Patricia’s full blog post here if you’d like to join the ghoulish trick-o-treating fun!


And since we know great ideas cannot be contained, I have to mention that best-selling author Neil Gaiman has created a movement called #AllHallowsRead where he advocates just this idea of giving someone a scary book for Halloween.  You can read more about it at  You can also watch Neil’s video right here where he explains this movement is in its infancy stages but in 10 years everyone’s going to be doing it.  Why not be one of the first to join in and get treated?

scary book for halloween_gaiman

Don’t forget!  Stop back here anytime on Halloween, write a comment on October 31st, 2014 and you will be treated to a copy of Fury From Hell as your Halloween treat!

Ta-ta for now,


5 thoughts on “Sharing is Giving Away Free Books On Halloween!

    • Hi Patricia! Thanks for stopping by and hosting this fabulous blog hop! And you’re absolutely right. Adding the #AllHallowsRead hashtag will spread the word faster throughout the various social platforms. Here’s to looking forward to an awesome Halloween.


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