1st Month Round-Up of Fury From Hell Book Release

It’s just about 30 days since the release of my first full-length novel Fury From Hell.  And boy, has it been a blast!  The adrenaline rush is one that I almost cannot describe.  Imagine you’re chosen out of millions of people for an exclusive trip to the moon to see if there’s life there.  And to that a wrenching desire to stay home and be close to your family and friends.  Now, add on top of those emotions the fear of going out into the unknown topped off by the cherry of emotions — total mind-boggling curiosity about what you and the rest of the team will find.  This is in a nutshell how I’ve been feeling ALL month!

Sleep?  Yeah, something that I need to reacquaint myself with.

If you are a regular follower of this blog, you’ll see that we’ve had 8 blog tour stops and a number of really wonderful mentions by good Twitter friends such as:














There are so many other great new Twitter pals to say hello to such as: @JanetCBrennan, @ErikaFoxxBooks and @LeoRosanna but if I continue this post will just be dedicated to great tweeps!

However, that is precisely the point.  This past month has shown me that my Twitter pals are the wind beneath my book’s proverbial wings.  Without the support of those great folks in Twitterverse my book would not have stayed in the Top 100 of its category for 3 weeks!

I’ve learned that when you are working toward sharing your book with those out there in the big wide world you have to have many approaches.  It cannot just be online.  I also visited the Brooklyn Book Festival and began checking out my FaceBook pages and Google+ friends.  Book promotion is an all-encompassing activity!  LOL.  However, the outreach yielded two 5-star reviews on Amazon US and lots of positive tweets about Fury From Hell.  Can you believe my book also found its way onto a few lists on GoodReads?

Oh, in case you’ve never seen anything about my book Fury From Hell it is a paranormal cop thriller.  The long and short of it is we have a Detective, Jennifer Holden, who is a homicide cop with a checkered past.  She does her job with just enough effort to stay on the force because she needs her gun and her badge — the only thing this atheist cop believes in.  Holden’s first solo murder case forces her to engage fully in her job.  Holden is thrust into the thick of things and has to lead this investigation.

But there’s a problem…she unwittingly becomes possessed by a 700+ year old demon whose goal is to avenge the wrongful death of Holden’s victim.  Initially, the demon’s goal and Holden’s goal are the same.  But, the demon needs to feed on human flesh in order to stay on the Earth plane.  How is a Holden supposed to hide murders that she committed when she doesn’t even know she committed them?  This action-packed thriller will keep you going!

You don’t have to listen to me here’s some feedback from readers…

From the opening scene, it lived up to its title The Fury From Hell. I was captivated how the author had two seemingly different scenes going on simultaneously and then blended them into one scary Halloween night. – M. Le’Mont

Every twist and turn had me sitting on the edge of my seat! – Melissa Bess Reed

The jury’s still out on if I’ll do a booktrailer and an official blog tour blitz but I’ve learned a lot.  The most important thing I’ve gleaned is that you have to pay attention to what is germane to your book and its audience.  As in life, if you are true to yourself people will take notice and pay attention to your message.  Oh, how could I forget a major factor in a book’s success?  The cover!  The overwhelming feedback that I have received loud and clear is how much people love the cover of my book.  And who do I have to thank for that?  The great folks at Book Beaver in the UK!  Thanks Nik!

I would love to hear how your book marketing went, or is going!

Until the next time,

Ta-ta for now!




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