Fury From Hell: Blog Tour Stop #1 – [Quiet Thoughts] To Traverse The Distance

My writerly fabulous friend, Kyra , wrote the following post. It moved me to tears because SHE is simply stunningly amazing and can do anything she wants to do. She mentors Mama women not only through NaNoWriMo but through the pitfalls of what it means to be a writer going through withdrawal symptoms! As mothers, many of us feel that we are neglecting our ‘responsibilities’ when we take time to develop ourselves in our writing crafts. Kyra helps her little NaNoWriMoMamas through these dangerous hairpin turns and keeps us motivated and — JOYOUS throughout the process. I only wish that my mentor could see her own fortitude and passion. You see, the only reason her little Mamas could shine is because she helped them to realize that they could.

Without further ado, here’s Kyra’s wonderful post.

Black. Bunched. Mass. Mom.

Photo: I’m between knitting projects so, in my mental anguish this week, I decided to break out my sewing machine for the first time in years. I’m sorta winging a project with some fabric I’ve had in my stash forever. As anyone with a trained eye can see, I haven’t really mastered sewing straight yet. It’s…. it’s a bit difficult. But! I wound my own bobbin, threaded my own needle (top AND bottom) and even changed feet on this thing all by myself (and only with one youtube video!) sooooooo I’m calling this a winning moment. 🙂

Have you ever had a week when it was just such a chore to get yourself out of bed each morning? I’m normally a morning person, and I wake up with the drive to get it moving. But this week…

The big blow-up on Monday was distraction enough, but there is other…

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