A Day in Pictures

We start in Brooklyn where a PEAR tree, an actual fruit-bearing pear tree does grow in Brooklyn!

Pear Tree Bklyn

Then, we get to our first haunted house way before October…





Haunted House


We get on the train and head into the City to Times Square.  This shot is looking towards 8th Avenue on 42nd Street.


Looking Down 42nd St


Looking up 42nd Street towards 6th Avenue…


Looking Up 42nd St

The flagship H & M at Times Square. The billboards are HUGE and totally fabulous (so is the model!!)


HM Male Shot

I couldn’t resist here’s the next screen from H & M…

HM Female Shot


The W.R. Grace Building at 6th Avenue and 43rd Street.  It’s gorgeous, isn’t it?






Beige Building


A great BBC ad on a phone booth.  A phone booth??! What’s that?!




Great Phone Booth Sign_Intruders BBC


The iconic Chrysler Building from several blocks away.


Iconic Chrysler Bldg

Fruit stand on the side of the Grace Bldg that sells a “small” mixed fruit bowl that’s over a pound in weight for $3!!  You can’t beat that with a New York stick! #OnlyInNY



Fruit Stand Line

Want a little Mozart without going to the Mostly Mozart Festival at Lincoln Center?  Just head over to Grand Central.  You don’t even have to swipe to go in.  This quartet was sitting in the walkway between the  4/5/6 and the breezeway to the Shuttle train.  (They were playing Eine Kleine Nacht Music beautifully!)

Subway Orchestra

Bryant Park B/Q train station in the City…








Okay, back in Brooklyn!  Wanna see the sunset? Can’t unless you’re in Prospect Park (okay, so maybe I exaggerate.)  But, here’s a great view from up on high — like the 2nd floor. 🙂



Sunset In Windows

The End.


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