Even Writers Need to Take a Walk…

I am counting down the days until my book launches on September 7th, 2014.  I’ve got 26 days left — OMG!!!  So much to do, so little time!  But that’s exactly when you have to take your inner writer panicked child in hand and go for a walk.  Which I did.

And, because I’m in the busy ridiculous heart of the City — Grand Central — I saw some things that made me smile.  I figured I would share them with you all and send peace & writer-ly good vibes to you all.

Ever wonder  what Lady Liberty does in the rain?  I used to.  Not any more…


Lady Liberty in the Rain_ 8 13 2014


Walking further along 5th Avenue, I found this lovely painting that made me smile.  This would be gorgeous on my living room wall!


Peace in the Middle of City_8 12 2014

So because of all of the quirky yet wonderful things I saw on my little office break walk I decided to bring a bit of wild greenery back with me…

 Office Flowers_8 13 2014

Happy Happy Hump Day!!!


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