Random Thoughts About This-er and That-er

Okay, it was my birthday earlier this week and I had a lovely mass of birthday well-wishes, tweets & status updates sent my way in person & online.  It was a very cool few days (I tend to stretch out my birthday as LONG as humanely and adult-ly possible!).

Was taken to dinner at Duane Park.  I went shopping.  I played with my baby daughter.  I joked around with my teenage son while picking him up from gymnastics camp.  I blogged.  I (attempted) to bake a gluten-free cake.  I threw out said “cake”.  Went to The Delancey for drinks & an after dinner drink with friends.  [Of course we went to the Rooftop!] Went to another Brooklyn rooftop dining spot and had an after-birthday birthday dinner…I’ll stop now.

I had a really relaxed/fun busy time doing a bit of this-er and that-er. 

In no particular order, here’s a bit of a montage of my birthday dayz…

Birthday Flowers_2014 Cut GF CakeBirthday_Dinner_Tassels Birthday_Dinner_SingerBirthday_Me_2014Sleeping Child_July 26 2014Brooklyn Skyline_July 29 2014


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