Sad Gluten-Free Birthday Cake…

This is the story of a lavender gluten-free cake.

It was in the store.  I brought it home.

I put it in the cabinet.  It sat for several months (like two).

It was my birthday.  I wanted a cake with icing.

I pulled out said cake.

I mixed it with almond milk, apple cider vinegar and oil. (Don’t say it…)

Unbaked GF Cake

(First problem; pan too big.)

(Second problem, cake tasted chalky and heavy.  Yeah, you CAN taste heavy!)

(Third problem, uhm…why don’t we just stick to the first two.  We already know there’s not enough batter in the pan.)

I baked said lavender cake (fearing it was going to taste like Grandma’s soap.)

Cake came out of oven 25 minutes later.

Baked GF Cake

(Uh-huh. Don’t say it, or even think it.)

Hesitated, then decided to put icing on this…I think, it’s a flapjack but the label says…cake.

Iced GF Cake

Soooo…I asked if anyone in the house wanted to try it.  Even the cat ran into another room.

Decided to cut and <dare I say it?> try this…cake.

Cut GF Cake

Yeah, texture was WAY off.  A sponge is spongier than this pancake!  And the taste?  Yep, soap.  My 14-year-old took a bite and spit it out. <sigh>

So, this is/was the tale of this Lavender Gluten-Free Cake.

Read the reviews and it’s supposed to be good.  Must have lost my lavender cake mojo…


One thought on “Sad Gluten-Free Birthday Cake…

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