10 Things You Must Know About Twitter

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Updated- 06/06/2014  AHA Book Program at bottom page (Authors Helping Authors)    

The headline read:  TWITTER EXPLAINED (Like  You’re An Idiot)

Out of respect for your time here’s the skinny of it.   FOLLOW People that RETWEET and you must also RETWEET.  Now please, read on.

If you want more followers, or you want to sell more books on Twitter, then you need to read this article.  For the majority of you, I’m sure you’ve heard it before, but you  insist on following the majority that use the direct sell approach, “Buy my new book on Amazon for 0.99 cents.” Believe me, when I say nobody cares.   The trick is to find people that do care.  If you write great blogs are retweet the works of others, the readers will find you.     

I must confess that I have not seen a more committed space  than authors, writers, bloggers, network marketers, which I’m happy to support and be a part of.  I wish I could wave a magic wand and give everyone a zillion Followers.  


However, if you believe as I do that you can write it now, and sell it forever, then I’m going to share with you some amazing observations that will help you grow your Twitter account.  

1.  Contrary to popular belief, it’s not how many Followers you have that matters, but who you Follow that makes all the difference in the world.

2.  You must Follow people that  Retweet.  It’s just that simple. This way, you will get more people reading your Tweets.  Here are some startling numbers.  Less than 1% of Followers receive Tweets at any given time, and of that number only 1% will read the message;  1% will click on your link,  and the shelve life of a Tweet is less than 24 hours. 

3. You must find a Tribe that Retweet for each other to reach a huge number of people.

4.   It takes time to nurture and build a Retweet team or Tribe.  Always thank members for the Retweet.  But, not just an ordinary thank you.  Make it special, something different that separates you from everyone else.  “Thank you for joining the Retweet Team  of authors helping authors, we support people that retweet.”United We Are Strong”.

5.   Then  practice what you preach and  Retweet one of their messages.  

6.   The people that  reciprocate will become members of your Retweet  Tribe.  

7.   Another way to get loyal followers is to get in a space where everyone is desperately seeking results.    For example, how many authors are self promoting their books and need more readers.
Why not buy the books of authors, on your Retweet team.    Now I know the first thing everyone is going to say,  “I’m too busy, and I don’t have time to promote other authors’ books.”   

Hogwash!  Do you mean to tell me that you’re not a reader, and you don’t buy books?   Sure you read, and you buy books of famous authors that are not supporting you; you’re supporting them. So why not turn the table, and  buy a book once a month  from an author  on your Retweet team.   

Hell, if you don’t have time to read, so what.  It’s the support that counts.  I ‘m currently reading five books and there’s no pressure to finish them.  My goal is to bring the Authors’ community together to support one another.   If an author got a launch of a new book then the community should help promote it.  

Set a  monthly budget of $3.00 to buy one book of an author who’s on your Retweet team. Wow!  A cup of coffee at Starbucks costs more.  Now don’t count on any author  reciprocating–just do it for the support.   

Don’t follow what the majority of people are doing on Twitter because it’s not working.  Everybody’s spamming– thinking the hard sell is the answer, believe me it doesn’t work on the Social Media.  Here’s a great article by Rachel Thompson, Read This Before Sell Sell Sell Books on Twitter.      

8.  Retweet this article every day to your Followers,  “Did you Retweet today?”   Everyone must get in the habit; otherwise you’re wasting time on Twitter.

9.  Twitter is all about the Retweet.  It’s not about how many people are Following you.   If your Followers don’t Retweet your Tweets to their Followers, then you’re Following the wrong people, and they’re taking up valuable space in your Follow count. So before you Follow Back make sure they Retweet.

10.  Contrary to what people think, you don’t need 100,000 Followers.  You need people that RETWEET!   Sure 100,000 Followers will attract more people, but they will be people that don’t Retweet.  It only looks and sounds good, but it’s meaningless.   

You must be selective whom you follow because the Twitter Following limit  to Followers kicks in at  2,000.  


Now,  if I’m correct  and this strategy turns out to be the Holy Grail for selling on Twitter everyone will  develop a team of super supporters.   

It’s an idea that makes sense.  You can grab a copy of my new book M Le’Mont The Point of No Return.   Notify me @MisterSalesman   Amazon,   http://bitly.com/1eRSkaI      

And if that’s asking too much then you can still participate by Retweeting this article to your Followers that you support  authors and writers who Retweet. “United We Are  Strong.”  

If you want to discover something remarkable, then you have to do something completely different than anyone else.  

Seth Godin said, “The Internet will not tell you what to do, but it will say here’s the microphone now go experiment and discover something great!”

Updated 07/30/2014  Authors helping Authors Book Program

So far, a total 6 books have been purchased that support authors on this leg of the Retweet team.  Imagine if more authors participate and reciprocate–what it can do to improve your sales ranking.  Plus these are some pretty darn good books I’ve purchased!

The Point of No Return: A True Story of a Marriage Gone Bad – M. LeMont

Leaping Out On Faith – Rochelle Campbell

Bertha-Size Your Life – Jane Carroll

Legionnaire: Exiles of Arcadia – James Gawley

The Inadvertent Thief – Leti Del Mar

Choices – Liz Schulte


Come back and check out this #MRetweetTrain page for new books.  Join the team and help authors share their books.


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