Just Another “Trainwreck” in Midtown…

Walking to work this morning was bit more hectic than usual.  Sure, I have to elbow my way across Grand Central Terminal.  Of course, I have to stare down tourists who feel as if they can stop mid-stride, point their iPads up at the sky and snap a picture while gabbering in one of a multitude of languages.  Don’t get me wrong, I love the toursits!  They help keep my taxes lower than they otherwise would be!  LOL. 

Seriously, midtown Manhattan is teeming with human life but THIS morning?  We had movie trucks up and down the street for a movie called Trainwreck due out in 2015 starring Daniel Radcliffe, Tilda Swinton, Marisa Tomei, Bree Larson, Bill Hader, John Cena, LeBron James, Amy Schumer, Method Man — do I need to go on?  No wonder the streets were filled!  People were busy rubbernecking and trying to catch a glimpse of the stars at work.

Unfortunately, yours truly, got no such glimpse but I did capture some of the energy and verve going on up and down 43rd Street.

Trainwreck 1_July 14 2014 Trainwreck 6_July 14 2014 Trainwreck 5_July 14 2014 Trainwreck 4_July 14 2014 Trainwreck 3_July 14 2014 Trainwreck 2_July 14 2014

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