Gluten-Free? Or, Not to be? With a Treat at the End

It’s been a long while since I’ve dialogued about my gluten-free journey.  The main reason is I’m avoiding thinking/talking about it in my normal life.  It’s been 13 months since I devoutly removed gluten from my diet and disciplined myself to reading labels — each and every time. <sigh>

(It’s almost like going back to veganism again…almost.)

While my diet is still limited because I tend to eat the same “safe” foods over and over again, I can say with absolute joy that I have regained and retained my sense of smell!  The nasal polyps I experienced for years and years and (OMG!) YEARS seem to have dissipated/shriveled/whatever/etc.!  I can smell the lovely baked goods I choose to no longer consume!  Yes, I said it — I CHOOSE to no longer consume.  It took me over two years to get to this point and I am happy I made here.

The next journey, now that my health is better, is to see if I actually have celiac sprue.  Sounds a bit cart-before-the-horse-ish, doesn’t it?  Yes, again.  I made the cardinal mistake of going gluten-free BEFORE getting tested for celiac disease.  However, my focus was on feeling better.

However, with a little infant daughter now a part of my life, I want to ensure that she does not experience needless physical maladies if she doesn’t have to.  Hence, my desire to know for sure.

So, in the past month, I’ve been visiting with Dr. Heller, a GI doctor of some repute.  He gave me a thorough physical and took a full screening of blood tests.  I am awaiting results now.  My oral history, along with my Transglutimate enzyme serum levels indicate that I do have celiac sprue but he wants to know definitively which is why he requested another round of blood tests. [See what happens when you don’t follow the cardinal rule of testing before abstaining??]

My stomach is in knots wondering about the test results.  What if I am?  What if I’m not?  Am I crazy, in that case?  Why do I feel ill when I ingest flour-based products if I don’t have celiac sprue?  This is the lovely merry-go-round of questions that float unchecked through my mind day after day.

However, I will put it all to the side this weekend with a special treat I am giving to myself.  I am going to make Raspberry (or blueberry!) Lemon Cheesecake Cookies!  A good friend of mine who cares more about my sweet tooth than I do, sent me a link to 33 Amazing Gluten Free Desserts.  (Yeah, okay, it’s for Valentine’s but, who really cares if they’re good???)

GF Raspberry Cookies

If you haven’t seen these dessert recipes before, this is your treat for slogging through my gluten woes diatribe! 🙂

I love you all for reading/listening and would love to hear your gluten-free journey stories.

Ta-ta for now,




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