Tell the Dust Bunnies to Stop Squeaking



As I’m working through the edits of my novel, I swear it feels like pulling teeth.  While the hard work of creating the story is complete, the polishing and refining of the story, the language and the flow is still to be done.  This is painstaking because, for me, I think and re-think the silliest things — comma placement.  Italicize?  Or, not to italicize.  That should never be the question but it so very much a consideration.

As I’ve been reading other writer blogs and reading memoirs of writers/authors, I am not alone.  My fellow scribes all have this issue with perfecting the words they have written.  How do you whittle down and yet still have razor sharp verbiage that feels true to life (while being totally fictional) and maintain iambic pentameter (if you dare!)?


bookediting chklst

So, my #MondayMotivation advice?  Jump in with both feet and do what’s best for your WIP.  If you need to massage and pamper it with your time and love — do it.  Map out the timeline of your project and do a little bit each day — in spite of it feeling like pulling teeth.  With a suggested schedule, you will only pull teeth a few minutes (or an hour) a day.  Before you know it, a little pain each day will amount to a completely polished WIP that you can be proud of!

Now, you only have to deal with your kitchen, the dust bunnies under the bed, the curio, the laundry, the mudroom…

Ta-ta for now,

The NoteBook Blogairy


One thought on “Tell the Dust Bunnies to Stop Squeaking

  1. You made me chuckle! It rings so true what you say. There is no author alive – I don’t think – who doesn’t dread this part of the process (as well as hearing back from beta-readers of course!). If only we could all afford a dedicated star of an editor to do it for us, huh!


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