Whose Rights Reign Supreme?

Twitter is an amazing place.  Yes, it can be frustrating.  Yes, it can be inane.  But yes, too, Twitter can be a rewarding social arena where you can meet new friends that you may not have met IRL (in real life – :-0).

But there are some words of caution for those who venture into the Twitter waters.  You must review your feeds on a regular basis.  Not just the tweets you send out and retweet (RT) but you must check your timeline (home feed) and see what is there.  Sometimes, you will be surprised at what you see.

I’ll give you an example.  I’m a writer and I love to support other writers.  I generally check the last day or two of a person’s feed before following back, or adding to one of my lists.  And most of the time, things are fine and I follow with no reservations.  In the last few days, I decided to be more vigilant as I have more followers and I wanted to make sure all was in line with what I’m about (writing, the writing life, writer support, writing sprints, etc.).

As I was scrolling through my timeline, I noticed a pic RT’d by one of my loyal followers and it was a picture of male genitalia.  I scrolled past it and about 5 tweets later my brain caught up and I scrolled back.  Yup.  I saw what I saw.  In total shock, I checked on who I was following and checked their timeline — again.

For the most part, the tweets are GREAT!  Interesting articles.  Cute animal pics.  Fun quotes and tweets from other writers in support of their books/works.  But, every 50-60 posts there are pics that are way too racy for me and what I’d like to have in my home feed.  However, to find these tweets, I had to dig deeper into that feed’s timeline.  I should have known from the profile verbiage but my thinking was that there would be tasteful pics (I did not see a warning about the explicit nature of some tweets).

Well, I’ve learned a valuable lesson.  I appreciate everyone’s right to self-expression but when their First Amendment freedom infringes upon mine I have to do something about it.  I’m still following them in support of their artistic expression but I am not RT’ing their tweets.  That’s the decision I’ve settled upon.

How do you deal with followers/tweeps whose content leaves you feeling a bit peaked?


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