#MSWL – Ongoing – Quick Update

Going absolutely blind reading all of the #MSWL tweets!  There are well over 1,500 tweets and counting for this thread.  While a great number of these tweets from editors and agents alike are seeking Young Adult (YA), New Adult (NA) and Middle Grade (MG).  If you write in these genres today is your lucky day!

If you were not able to follow the hashtag and need a recap, please follow the Tumblr page Agent and Editor Wish List for updates.

In the meantime, some of the things that agents and editors are looking for are:


Editor Would love to see Xanth-like setting embodied in a Magical Realism NA/A. Humorous puns, not over the top.
RT : : Let’s not forget Sci-fi! Anyone have a Space Western a la Firefly? Or something Mass Effect-esque? -REUTS.com
YA : impeccably-written, flawed MC easy to fall in love with. I want to feel like I got punched in the gut when things go wrong
It’s almost lunchtime for me (ahem), so, #1: I’d love to see a lit (or YA) novel about young radicals that engages w/contemp. issues.
OH, and I love military romances, yo! If you have any (esp. series!), pls send!
– I’d also like strong male characters. With a few less issues. There’s more to a guy than his Testosterone level.
Stories about someone regaining their lost heroism.
You know what else would be kind of amazing? An updated YA “Endless Summer.”
I want stories with strong characters and relationships. Doesn’t have to be romantic, but has to be real.
The next Heinlein, stories that inspire scientists and artists.
. PoC = People of Color
The tweets are virtually endless!
Still going through them but hope you’ve checked into this Twitter Party and are taking notes.  Even if your manuscript (MS) is not quite ready, you need to pay attention.  Compile a list of agents/editors that are interested in seeing your work (when it’s polished and complete!).  This way, when you’re done there’s no lag time in getting it submitted to the right people.
Did I mention there are Vines and YouTube videos of what the agents want?  Those can be found at the hastag: MSWLM.
Here’s Juliet Mushens’ YouTube’d Wish List.
Heading back over to watch more goings-on!
Ta-ta for now,
The NoteBook Blogairy

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