Are You Ready for #MSWL on Tuesday 9/24??

Seriously.  Are you ready? What’s #MSWL, you ask?  Simple.

Manuscript Want Lists

Your next question I’m sure is — but who is requesting these manuscripts? 

Hold onto your seats ladies and gents.  The answer to your question is:

Literary agents & Editors!!

That’s right. Working literary agents and editors will be sharing their wish lists with authors, writers, dabblers, publishers, crackpots…oops.

Some of the agents and editors may think some of the submissions are a bit off-kilter but hey, they’re opening the doors.

Here’s the skinny.  Jessica Sinsheimer from the Sarah Jane Freymann Literary Agency does the background (and foreground) work on getting the word out to agents and editors to participate on the selected day.  Then, on #MSWL day, said agents and editors use the hashtag (used earlier in this sentence) to make their MS requests known to all in Twitterverse. 

The next steps are very simple…

We writers, authors and other assorted indie and non-indie heads follow the #MSWL trend on Tuesday, 9/24 very carefully.  We (should) note which agents/editors want the project(s) we have on hand.  Then, we (should) go to that agent’s website (or, or, or your favorite site for agent info) and research the MOST current submission guidelines for that agent.  Next, we (should) follow those guidelines implicitly.  In the subject line, do put the #MSWL hashtag so the agent knows you are responding directly to his/her request.  And the part we love the most — we wait.

However, here’s the catch.  Your manuscript(s) (should) be polished.  Perfect. FINISHED.  This way, if the agent/editor wants to see the full document.  You can get it to them without delay.

So now that you know in full unadulterated detail what’s happening in 4 days I ask again —


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