Blogging is All About Passion…

I am not a PHD holder, just to tell you a little about myself, I am a
blogger, a writer, a twitter addict and a motivational speaker.
For me, Life is a gift that must be treasured, and our success,
happiness, pain, sorrow and joy depends on us.
We create the pathway we want our life to follow, we do everything we
can to be successful. Sometimes, we are right, sometimes, we may be
wrong, but the truth is, Life continues, no matter what happen to us.

What motivates you to be a blogger? People keep asking me. Am I really
a blogger? I ask in reply, to some people the answer may seem strange, but
to others, that’s a good way to start.

Blogging is fun, especially if you are giving your all to it.
You may not get the required success at first, but with consistency
and hard work, success will always come.

Passion is what motivated me to become a blogger.
As a person,I have always been thinking of how to add value to life,
promote my ideas and make a difference in our society.

When blogging presented itself, I started blogging.  Since then, I have not
looked back.

Most people are blogging to make money and when the money don’t
present itself they lose focus.

Money is good, but it was not the primary reason for starting my blog.
“There are two things in blogging: money and frustration,” my friend
used to say.  It’s yours to choose, if you choose Passion, you will
have money, if you choose money frustration will come.

 About this Guest Poster:

Abel Udokene, a young blogger from Nigeria, is making waves with his positivity.  Follow him on his blog Digital Inspirations.


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