Exciting Life Gone Normal?? Or, Normal is as Normal Does?

So, the exciting part of my life may now be over but now I can focus on the ‘normal’ life that I seek desperately.  To back up and explain, my daughter is 14 days old.  I am over 40 and have two teenage boys.  (Now you see what I mean by ‘excitement’ right?)

Last year, I thought I had a ‘life plan’.  I was writing The Great American Novel (aren’t we all??) and I had a great start on it with NaNoWriMo — wrote the first 50,000 words last November.  Then, somehow it all got blown to smithereens when I found out early this year that I was pregnant.  So, I finished the novel, got it edited and began sending out to beta readers.  Once I had feedback from my readers I began submitting it to agents.  Shortly thereafter, I went into nesting mode and then right after I went into labor and gave birth.  So, how can my life become exciting ever again??  LOL.

I can’t wait for the normalcy to return!  My brain is 75% back.  I can keep my eyes open for more than 10 minutes at a time.  I can recall what Social Media is!  What I don’t know is what’s next?  I know I am working on the plotting for my next book.  I have a plan in place to work every day from now on my book and other writing projects but that ‘life plan’ eludes me now.

At one time I thought I could map out my entire existence and make things happen.  In the last year, I see that was a fallacy.  That was just my brain having one of those rare fart moments where it thought it was in charge.  (Funny, that fart moment lasted most of my adult life…)

So, without my brain telling me what’s next how does one live life?  I can almost hear my Grandmother saying, “One day at a time…”  But what does that look like for a wanna-be Type-A personality?  It’s a conundrum and a game/life changer of a question.

I’ll post from time to time on how I’m doing with this project. 🙂

Oh yeah, Happy 2-week birthday my newest little one!

Ta-ta for now,
The NoteBook Blogairy

2 thoughts on “Exciting Life Gone Normal?? Or, Normal is as Normal Does?

  1. Thanks Margie! But still not too sure about this 'one-day-at-a-time' living. It's almost stressful to NOT know what's next. I like plans, outlines and schedules.

    I'll get into it eventually! 🙂

    Thanks for commenting! Appreciate it.


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